Life is worth a ride

  1. Life is worth a ride

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Thinking about my hometown, when i was a little boy
I’m playing on the pavement, spending my youth
It was all so colourful, with the eyes of a little child
Anything was anywhere, but where are you now?

Now i find myself: changing my favours,
but still pointing my finger, To name and shame
But i want you to know: life is come and go
The past is gone forever but, youth is worth a ride

I went downtown to roam the old road
of my neighbourhood, spending my time
I see hipsters, flashing their mobiles
Sharing their entire lifes with virtual friends

And i found myself staring at a notebook
Hacking on the keyboard, wasting my time
But i want you to know, it’s good to meet people
In the real life, a smile is worth a ride

I know life goes on, i know i’m not the one
To teach you about right or wrong, but here’s what i see
I see people thinking they’re distinct
Believing they’re different, but they all look the same

I see myself playing the same chords
Singing the same songs all over again
But i want you to know, you got to get outthere
Go and get somewhere, a life is worth a ride