To infinity… and beyond

  1. To infinity… and beyond

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Sitting here tonight the hours left the day but you are so far away
the distance ain`t not good to me
I`m missing you right here, find myself with a lonely heart
like a cowboy riding in the desert sun, searching for a waterhole, a reason to breathe

the main thing is you feeling alright there, but please come home my little child
there`ll always be a room and a place for you, so tell me boy what can I do?
I`m reaching out my hand, but it seems like I`m stuck in nowhereland
like a space-commander travelling through the earth, in search of fuel to burn to get back home

I tried to call you up today, but a phonecall will never be the same
even I call to say I`m lovin you, be sure my heart is bleeding, too
and your little girl wanted to share time with you, the truth is she hardly misses you
like a little honey-bee fluttering through flower fields searching for her brother to hide

and what about that stompin music that you need to know? what about the influence, what about that soul?
i need to hangaround with you as my friend, I need to let you know I need to hold your hand
and it`s hard to watch you comin off my way cause nothing is as hard as fading time
but love is stronger than fear, yeah love is stronger than fear, love will keep us here
love is stronger than fear