King and queen

  1. King and queen

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we left the wedding party around thirty minutes past four,
we hailed ourselves a yellow cab – „so let‘s go to the airport, mister cabdriver!“
on our two hour flight i fell asleep right from the start
we touched down on an island, by the dawn of the day

i still feel kinda hazy in my head, but we took that ride, together baby

we move down to the car rental store, „so gimme some keys, man!“
we had a cool black ford – sittin there like king & queen
i looked into the mirror, baby guess what did i see?
a tired bridegroom still to drunk to drive that cool black ford

and i still felt kinda hazy in my head

so we roamed the streets, kinda nowhere to go – i even fell asleep on the highway
but we both jumped out of our seats as madness sang „our house“ on the national radio

it was all sort of scary now, but we took that ride, together baby
we`re still alive, so we arrived