2020 Blues

  1. 2020 Blues

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2020 BLUES

So you left your mask at home.
In your freedom you will drown.
There’s no virus, it’s all just a fake.
By the way, which kind of drugs do you take?
You and your freaks, felt 1.3 million strong.

Who are you marching with on one side?
Nazis! Well, you’re fighting the same fight?
The restrictions don’t come out of the blue.
you don’t believe a word they’re selling you.
You and your freaks, you have your own prophecy.

Mother Earth under quarantine.
A lockdown no one has ever seen.
Maybe it’s aimed at you, to make you wear a face mask all the time.
You and your freaks, you keep the world go spinning around.

Well I’m not a scientist, a virologist, not a conspiracist, not a fascist.
Maybe i’m a manchild, naive and blue eyed,
maybe too lazy to challenge the truth.
But thank you and your freaks, for that 2020 blues.